How to install WebWatcher Mobile Filtering for iOS - iPhone, iPad

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Section 1 – Installation

After purchase of the WebWatcher Mobile Filtering software for iOS, please follow these instructions to install the software on the target device:
  1. From a computer, navigate to
  1. Once logged in, navigate to Settings > Mobile Filtering (below):
  1. From the Mobile Filtering section click the Add button to Create a User:
  1. From the Add User window enter a Client ID (Username) and Name of Person to identify the user in the account. Access policies for filtering can be set here and modified at a later time.
  1. From the target device, open the Apple App Store and search for: “WebWatcher Mobile Filtering for iOS”. Select to install this App (below):
  1. Once installed, select to open the App:
  1. After Opening the App, please enter the Username and Password for your WebWatcher account. For mobile user, enter the ClientID that was created earlier in this installation guide.
  1. After the client has been registered the blocking policies will go into place immediately while the user is on the WebWatcher browser.

Section 2 – Locking Down Your Device

To prevent a user from deleting the WebWatcher Mobile Filtering for iOS App or using another Web Browser there are restriction settings that need to be configured within iOS.
  1. From the Settings App select General > Restrictions (below)
  1. From Restrictions, select to turn off all web browsers such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Also, select to disable installing and deleting Apps to prevent a user from removing WebWatcher Mobile Filtering for iOS. 

Section 3 – Help

There are a variety of help options at your disposal.  Visit the Help section of your account to get started.

4.1 Knowledge Base

The knowledge base contains articles on most questions and issues related to our software and is generally the fastest way to answer your question. To access it, simply click the “Knowledge Base” link in the help section of your account.  The Knowledge Base will be displayed in a new window or tab.  Click on the desired category of topics to sort the articles, or enter a keyword(s) in the “Search” field to run a search of the articles.  Click the desired article in the “Most Requested” or “Search Results” section to view their contents.

4.2 Live Chat

You can chat with a live support agent by clicking the button that says “Chat Live with an AGENT” in the help section of your account.  The dialogue box will be opened in a new window or tab.  It will have some preliminary questions so that the agent can better assist you.  Please fill them out to the best of your ability and then click “Start Chat”. 

4.3 Trouble Ticket System

You can submit a trouble ticket directly to one of our support personnel by clicking on the Trouble Ticket System link in the Help section of your account. To submit a ticket click on the “New Ticket” link and provide as much information as possible.  Click the “Submit” link with the green arrow when done.
There are a variety of ticket statuses; when you have created a new ticket that is waiting for a response from support it will show up in New Tickets.  When the ticket is an ongoing case where we have already replied at least once and you are waiting for a response from support, it will show up in Unanswered Tickets.  We strive to respond to trouble tickets as quickly as possible.  When a ticket is answered, you will see it show up in Answered Tickets.  To view tickets, click the desired ticket status (new, answered, etc).  The tickets of that status will be listed, click the desired ticket to view its contents.