Antivirus identification guide and exclusion instructions for Windows PC

Most Antivirus software icons can be found in your computer's status bar. If you are not sure which antivirus software is installed on your computer our identification guide below will help you find which one is running on your computer. The status bar is the section on the Windows computer near the clock, typically located in the bottom right of the screen. For Mac computers, no antivirus software requires exclusions so nothing needs to be done. If your antivirus software is not listed, please contact support for further instructions:
Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE):  Exclusion Instructions
Windows Defender (Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 only):  Exclusion Instructions
Norton Security:  Exclusion Instructions
McAfee LiveSafe: Exclusion Instructions
Ad-Aware Antivirus Free:  Exclusion Instructions
Trend Micro:  Exclusion Instructions
BitDefender Total Security:  Exclusion Instructions 

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