How to set Antivirus Exclusions for Adaware Antivirus Pro on PC Running Windows 10

  1. Locate the icon for Adaware Antivirus Pro icon in the bottom right hand of the screen. Right click and select ‘Stop Adaware Antivirus”. 
  1. Go to and log in to access the installation files. Follow the instructions and complete the installation. DO NOT REBOOT THE COMPUTER UPON FINISHING THE INSTALLATION.
  1. Right click the Adaware Antivirus icon again and select ‘Start Adaware Antivirus’. Then, open the main menu by right clicking and selecting ‘Open Adaware Antivirus’.
  1. Go to the menu located on the left-hand side of the screen and select the ‘Scan Computer’ option (looks like a magnifying glass). Scroll down to the option labeled ‘Manage Exclusions’ and click ‘View’.
  1. Under ‘Paths Excluded’, click the ‘Add’ button and find the installation folder path (the folder path can be found under 'Account Settings' in the InterGuard web interface). For this example, our folder path to exclude is C:\Windows\SysWOW64\dmktc. This will allow you to turn on the antivirus alongside our program.
  1. Reboot the computer to complete the installation.