How to install WebWatcher for PC

WebWatcher for PC Installation Instructions (Approx. 5 Minutes)

If you purchased WebWatcher for PC, please follow the installation instructions below: 
From the Windows PC computer you wish to monitor, log into your WebWatcher account (
Username is the email you signed up with and password is provided upon signup.
2.Click the Add New PC icon under Available Licenses.

3.You will be asked if you are on the device you want to monitor. Click “Yes” to continue the installation.

4.Please skip to step #5 if no anti-virus is installed on the target device: If anti-virus is installed on the target device it is recommended (though not required) to set exclusions for our software to ensure optimal performance. During the Anti-virus settings pop-up, select the "Click here to view anti-virus instructions" link, or click (here) to locate instructions for your specific antivirus software. Follow these instructions and proceed with the download and installation. If you do not have any anti-virus installed on the target device, please scroll down to the bottom of the Anti-Virus Settings pop-up and proceed to the next step. If you need any assistance settings exclusions please click the LiveChat button below for 24/7 assistance.

5.Click “Continue”

6.Click “Download”


Once, the file has downloaded click the to open the file.


When you click the downloaded folder as shown above, your download folder should automatically open. Once opened, double-click the .exe file that appears on the screen to start the installation of WebWatcher for PC.

7.If prompted to allow this app to make changes to your device, click “Yes” otherwise proceed to step 9.

8.The setup wizard will start. Follow the instructions in the wizard to complete your installation.

9.VERY IMPORTANT: In order to see recorded data you will login to
10.NOTE: Typically after installation it may take up to 15 minutes initially before data will appear in your account.


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