How to Install WebWatcher for iPhone, iPad, iOS

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WebWatcher for iOS Installation Instructions (Approx. 5 Minutes)

Log into your WebWatcher account here: Username is the email you signed up with
and password is provided upon signup.
2. Click the Add New iPhone/iPad icon under Available Licenses.

3. Enter the Apple ID & Password of the iOS device you want to monitor then click “Submit”

4. Check the box next to the device you want to monitor, then click “Register.”

If the device you are looking to monitor is not listed here, this means it has never backed up to iCloud. (Please see iCloud setup instructions below).

*Please note you can only monitor the number of devices for which you have purchased a license. You will need to buy a separate license for each device you want to monitor.
5. Once the device is successfully registered you can click “Request Data” under the monitored device.

6. Click “Request Data.” This will manually pull data from the most recent iCloud backup.

7. Your data has been requested successfully! You will be notified via email (the email address provided upon signup) when your data is available to view (which typically takes 1-6 hours).

8. VERY IMPORTANT: In order to see recorded data you will login to
9. If for some reason the iCloud credentials do not work, or they do work but you are not receiving data then click HERE for our Knowledge Base article.