How to Install WebWatcher Mobile for Android FT3

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WebWatcher for Android Installation Instructions (Approx. 5 Minutes)

Please note: The Android operating system has subtle differences in appearance and layout across different devices.
If the installation process on your device is not consistent with our instructions, and you need assistance,
please access our LiveChat now (by clicking the button below) to have a technician walk you through installation.
We are here 24/7 to help you.

If you selected WebWatcher for Android, please follow the installation instructions below: 
1. If currently on your child’s Android device, click the button below to install and open the WebSec app from the Play Store.

If this is not your child's device, then when in hand, go to Play Store and search for WebSec and install and open the app.

2. Select "Child's" device when prompted.

3. You’ll be prompted to enter the WebWatcher username (full email address) and password that you created. 

*If you haven’t created an account yet, click the link at the bottom of the screen to create one.

4. On the "Activate App Supervision" page click "Activate Now" and then select WebSec and toggle Allow usage tracking to ON.

5. On the "Activate Web Supervision" page click "Activate Now" and then select WebSec and toggle this to ON. Click OK at the prompt.

6. On the "Activate Device Administrator" page click "Activate Now" and then select Activate for WebSec.

7. On the "Viewing Recorded Data" page click OK Got it! after reading the page.

If you want to make the app less visible and thus more tamper-proof, then you can remove the WebSec icon from the device's home screen. Simply long press WebSec and drag it to "Remove" at the top of the screen.  Please note, you must find the icon from the home screen and not the app list as you will uninstall it. Please be careful not to uninstall.

If you are still concerned with your child finding the app icon and removing WebSec, then uninstall now and follow the instructions here for a more tamper-proof solution: Alternate Install 
9. VERY IMPORTANT: To view recorded data please log in to your account at or from the WebWatcher Android parent app if you've downloaded it.
10. NOTE: Typically after installation it may take up to 15 minutes initially before data will appear in your account.