How to Enroll an Android with WebWatcher Screen Time Manager

Awareness Technologies > WebWatcher Support
  • Navigate to Either select Sign Up to create an account or Login if you have an existing account. After logging in, select Add Device(s) page. Confirm your child's device type and click "Select".
  • If you are currently using your device, you can send a text message to your child's device with a link that brings you to our download page.  If you are on your child's device simply navigate to

*Please note it is important the following steps are performed directly on your child's device
  • On the child's device navigate to the URL  Once you reach this page click "Click Here."
  • Select "Install" to continue the installation process
  • Click "Open"

  • Login to your account
  • Enter your child's name and click "Manage this Device"
  • Click "Activate"
  • Click "Activate" again
  • Click "WebWatcher Screen Time"
  • Permit usage access by toggling the switch below to the "On" position (by default this is set to "off" as shown below, you must enable it to proceed).
  • Congratulations!  Your child's device is now ready to manage.