How to Enroll an Iphone with WebWatcher Screen Time Manager

Awareness Technologies
  • Navigate to Either select Sign Up to create an account or Login if you have an existing account. After logging in, select Add Device(s) page.  Confirm your child's device type and click "Select".
  • If you are currently using your device, you can send a text message to your child's device with a link that brings you to our download page.  If you are on your child's device simply navigate to (be sure to use Safari)
  • ​Login using your account credentials after navigating to on the child's device. 
  • Enter your child's name or the name of your child's device on the following page. You must use the Safari browser to enroll a device:
  • Install the profile for WebWatcher Screen Time Manager when prompted:
  • If the device is passcode protected, enter the device's passcode when prompted:
  • Select Install profile when prompted:
  • At the warning prompt select Install in the top right corner:
  • Select "Trust" at the Remote Management prompt:
  • Select "Done" at the Profile Installed prompt
  • At the congratulations screen close out of the browser on the target device: