WebWatcherKids Installation and Setup Guide

Awareness Technologies
  1. Download WebWatcherKids from the iOS App Store on the target device.
  2. Open the app on the target device, register an account with WebWatcherKids by filling out the signup form.
  3. Open Settings app on the iPhone device, scroll down to WebWatcherKids and ensure that the following settings are set to ON (see screenshot below).
    1. Location must be set to Always.
    2. Photos must be set to ON.
    3. Background App Refresh must be set to ON.
    4. Cellular Data must be set to ON.
  4. Setup parental controls to prevent deleting of WebWatcherKids app.
    1. Open Settings > General > Restrictions > Turn Deleting Apps to OFF.
  5. View your recorded Photos and Location data by logging into www.webwatcherdata.com login with the same username and password created during step #2 above.