E-Notify - Get Your Recorded Data via Email


Don't want to constantly log into your account to see new recorded data? Tired of not being able to see data easily on a tablet or smartphone? With E-Notify, you will receive a detailed report of all monitored data directly to your Inbox! See all activity directly from your mobile phone or tablet every hour or once per day.
Purchase E-Notify here:

To utilize your purchased E-Notify, follow these steps:
1.While at the computer you wish to monitor, log into your account at https://login.webwatcher.com

2.From Available Licenses click Assign E-Notify and assign E-Notify to your device.

3.That's it! E-Notify will begin to send out reports every hour. You can change the frequency of the reports from the E-Notify > Settings tab. Click the E-Notify report and hit "Edit" then change the timeframe.