How to Disable or Uninstall Lookout Security

When installing WebWatcher for Android, Lookout Security must be uninstalled or disabled prior to WebWatcher installation. Please follow the below process to check and see if Lookout is currently installed on the device and the steps to uninstall or disable it:
1) Lookout is an App on the device. It can be found in the main Apps section on the device. The icon is a green triangle logo as seen in the screenshot below. If you find Lookout on the device please continue to step 2.
2) To Uninstall or disable Lookout Security, tap on the Settings App on the phone. In Settings, look for Application Manager (see example below) and tap this selection to continue:
3) In Application Manager, swipe to the left until you are under the All selection which will show all Apps currently installed on the device (see below). Locate the Lookout app again here and tap it to select it:
4) Depending on the device, the following screen will have either Uninstall or Disable to the right of Force Stop. Select either option that appears on your device. If you do not see an Uninstall or Disable option please continue to read below:
5) In cases where Lookout cannot be uninstalled or disabled on the device please proceed with the following instructions:
Why can't I uninstall Lookout?
Note: Lookout comes preloaded on some devices, which means it is impossible to delete the app. This is a decision made by your carrier. While you can't uninstall the app, you can still deactivate it.
You will first need to remove lookout as device admin.
Within the Lookout app go to Menu > Settings. Scroll down to "Device Admin" and uncheck the box.
You can also do this by going into your Android Settings > Security > Device administrators and unchecking the box next to Lookout Once you have completed the above steps you will be able to delete our app the same way you would delete any other app:
Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Lookout > Uninstall