How to get Call logs and Websites for iOS 13 devices

For devices running iOS 13, an additional step is required in order to get Call Log and Website data from the target iPhone device.

Note: The following steps are optional and only required if you wish to monitor Call Log and Website data from the target device.

  1. In the iMazing app, select the device you want to monitor, then select Options.
  2. In the Options screen, click the "Enable" button next to Backup Encryption 
  3. You will be prompted to set an encryption password. Please make sure you set a password that is easy to remember. 
  4. Now, returning to Options screen Backup Encryption shows as Green (enabled) for the device. 
  5. Now we need to manually download to complete the setup. Click "Done" on options screen and select to backup the device now.
  6. After the backup completes, a popup will appear from the WebWatcher Desktop App that says "Please enter backup encryption password", enter the password you set earlier in Step #3 above. 
  7. Now you're all set! All of the device's data along with Call Logs and Websites will be uploaded to your account. The backup password will be saved for all future backups.