How to install WebWatcher for Chromebook

WebWatcher for Chromebook Installation Instructions (Approx. 5 Minutes) 

If you purchased WebWatcher for Chromebook, please follow the installation instructions below: 

  1. On the target Chromebook device, open the Chrome browser and type in  in the URL bar and hit enter. Once the page loads, in the search bar search "WebSecurity for ChromeBook". Or, you can visit the following link to bring up the Chrome extension page directly: 
  2. Click "Add to Chrome" to install the extension on the target Chromebook device.
  3. Click "Add Extension" when prompted.                                   
  4. A pop up box Registration box will appear. Enter in your WebWatcher User Name (email address) and password to register this device:                                       
  5. VERY IMPORTANT: In order to see recorded data you will login to
  6. NOTE: Typically after installation it may take up to 15 minutes initially before data will appear in your account.