How to set Antivirus Exclusions for BitDefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security on a PC

1. Go to and log into your account.

2. Click on the “Policies” tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Then, click on “Add”.

3. Name the policy and then click on the “Antimalware” tab. Select “Settings”, this will bring you to the Quarantine and Exclusion settings.

4. Make sure that Built-in Exclusions and Custom Exclusions are both on (a blue checkmark will confirm it’s on). 

Under Custom Exclusions, add the installation path for our software which can be found in the dashboard under Settings > Account Information > Paths to Exclude for Anti-virus software, or via the popup window after selecting to download the installer file. Important Note: The path excluded in this example will be different then the path you must exclude for your account as this folder is randomized. Please use the path located in your account.

Select the “Module” as “All” and then click the “+” button at the end of the row to add the exception. You must repeat the same process for the same path, except this time you must change the “Type” to “Process”. 

Repeat the steps above with the following path as well: “C:\Windows\SysWOW64\svchost.exe” and “C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe”. Your exclusions should look something like this:

5. Temporarily disable BitDefender anti-malware and firewall services by checking the boxes off and saving the changes. This is only necessary for the installation.

6. Log into your web console.

7. Under “Active Devices”, select “All devices” and click on “Add New PC”

8. Run the installer and enter your credentials when prompted.

9. Restart your computer.