WebWatcher Desktop app install for MAC

Before downloading WebWatcher Desktop App for MAC, please have the following in hand:

Checkmark Child iOS device (iPhone/iPad)

Checkmark A USB cable (same as used for charging)

Checkmark A MAC Computer
(this computer must be on the same wifi network as the phone when you request a backup)


1. Download and install WebWatcher Desktop app for MAC to your computer by clicking on below icon:


2. Download iMazing Mini app to your computer by clicking on the below icon:



3. Double click on the iMazingMini2forMac.dmg file to start iMazing install. It will be located in the Downloads folder.


4. On the "License Agreement" page click "Agree"


5. Double-click the iMazing Mini icon to install


6. Click the "install" button


7. In iMazing Mini check Automatically start iMazing Mini when you login on the bottom left and click the Next button


8. Click "Change" to configure automatic backups


9. Select Daily Automatic backup at a time when the phone is typically connected to home wifi network (we recommend overnight)


10. Your computer will need to be awake during the timeframe chosen above. To do this, click the Apple logo in the top left corner.
11. Click System Preferences and then Energy Saver.
12. Click the Schedule button in the bottom right.
13. Check the "Start up or wake" and "Sleep" checkbox, fill in the same timeframe as step #9 and click OK.

14. Backup encryption must be disabled


15. Plug the iPhone into the Mac via the USB cable and click Back Up button and then Back Up Now to manually force a backup.


16. Once the backup completed click the Done button


17. Click Open WebWatcher button and enter your WebWatcher username and password and click "Get Started".

18. Within 1 hour login to your login.webwatcher.com account to view new data.

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