WebWatcher Desktop app install for MAC

Before downloading WebWatcher Desktop App for MAC, please have the following in hand:

Child iOS device (iPhone/iPad)

A USB cable (same as used for charging)

A MAC Computer
(this computer must be on the same wifi network as the phone when you request a backup)

Click here to watch the Youtube Tutorial!


1.  From a Mac, go to login.webwatcher.com and log into your account


2. From your available devices, select "Install iPhone/iPad"


3. Please click the Live Chat button below and we will set everything up for you remotely. Or to install manually, click on "MAC Download" (from a MAC only).


4. Open your downloads folder and open the file called "WWDesktopApp.dmg"


5. Double-click the package icon called "WWDesktopApp.pkg" 


6. Click "Continue" and then "Install" 


7. Enter your keychain password if needed


8. Click on the button that says "Let's get started!". Then, click on "I'm Ready, Let's do this!" 


Installing iMazing

When installed on iOS devices, our product requires the installation of iMazing. iMazing is an iOS device manager by DigiDNA which performs automatic backups of iOS devices to your computer. Downloading and setting up iMazing for use with WebWatcher can be done free of charge.

9. Double click the highlighted icon below


10. Go to your downloads and open a file called "iMazingMini2forMac.dmg"
11. Click "Agree" 
12. Double-click the icon shown.
13. Click "Open"

14. Click "Install" 


15. Click "Next"


16. Connect the child device. Then, tap "Trust" and enter your passcode if needed 

17. Click "Back Up Now". Then, click "Back up"


18. Click "Change" to the right of Automatic Backups.

19. Under Backup Schedule select Daily. We recommend selecting Daily for automatic backups and select the desired time-frame. It's a good idea to select a time when the phone is likely at home and connected to the WiFi network. Then select "Back Up" to backup the device.

After you complete your evaluation of WebWatcher you may find that you want to use the full suite of iMazing’s Premium features, which requires a paid license. These features, which go beyond what our application uses, include: unlimited exports of photos, saving texts with attachments, assistance for re-installation, and more. Please use the iMazing app to acquire a license.

20. Close the window after backing up the child device. Go to the setup guide and click on "Open WebWatcher". Enter your WebWatcher information. 

Congratulations! You are now ready to start using WebWatcher! 

For more support, please refer to our knowledge base articles or contact [email protected] 

To view recorded data, go to login.webwatcher.com