How to Install WebWatcher Mobile for Android (Stealth Mode)

Very Important:
Disable Play Protect on Child Device

Step 1: Go to the home screen apps and open “Google Play Store” from the apps menu.

Step 2: After that, on the top right corner of the screen tap on your “Profile Icon”.



2. Scroll down and then tap “Play Protect”:


3. On the Play Protect screen, tap on the gear icon in the upper right corner. 

This screen shows two tools. The first one is Scan apps with Play Protect. By default, it will be on. To disable Play Protect, simply turn off this option. 

Confirm the new setting in the pop-up window.



5. The Play Protect screen should then change to say “Full scanning turned off” when finished:


6. Close out of the Play Store app.


From your child's device (monitored device), enter the URL below into the Google Chrome browser.


Once page loads, click the download button. You will then be asked to click "OK" then "OPEN". If you miss the window to click "Open" on the screen, you can find it by swiping down from the top to open the notification drawer.


If prompted on child's device, select Settings and toggle Unknown Sources to ON from the Lock Screen and Security page. Click OK at the prompt to allow installation of the app.

If not prompted, click Next and move on to next step


Select "Install" and then select "Open" to install the app (WARNING: DO NOT CLICK "DONE")

If you accidentally lose WWChildApp on the child phone. go to app list on child's device and locate WWChildApp and select to open it to continue


From child's device, select "Child's" when prompted


You'll be prompted to enter your WebWatcher username (full email address) and password, then click "Log In"

Click "Allow" when prompted below


On the "Activate App Supervision" page, click "Activate Now" and then select WWChildApp and toggle to ON. Click OK at the prompt.


On the "Activate Web Supervision" page, click "Activate Now" and then select WWChildApp and toggle to ON. Click OK at the prompt.


On the "Runtime Permissions" page, click "Activate Now" for Text Messages, Storage and Location. When prompted, click Allow for each.

On the "Activate Device Administrator" page, click "Activate Now" and then select "Activate"


On the "Activate Screen Capture" page, click "Activate Now"


IMPORTANT: On the popup message "WWChildApp will start capturing everything that's displayed on your screen" check the box for "Don't show again" and press Start Now.



Very Important: if you see this popup click "Yes"



On the "Viewing Recorded Data" page, click "OK Got it!" after reading the page.


On the "Hide App" page, click "Hide App" to hide the app icon on the device.



Very Important:
Remove Install Files
1. Close out browser page: Remember to close out browser page on child's device with You may also consider clearing browser history.


2. Remove installation file: On child's device locate the wwchild.apk file in My Files and remove it: Select My Files > Installation Files > Long Press wwchild.apk and select "Remove".